Artist Inspired 30-Acre Property

Creatively Designed Settings for Your Special Occassion

Imagine masses of the same color of wild prairie flowers, clematis covered trellises, lace covered arbours, adorned with carefully chosen hanging baskets, with one of the most beautiful lakes in the world as the backdrop. “My Garden Wedding” Where nature and romance meet.

The artist inspired 30-acre property, presents a tranquil world set apart from the bustle of everyday life. Dedicated to your special occasion, capable of hosting groups of up to 120.

The artist moved tons of soil around for over 9 months, an excavator replacing the artist’s brush, sculpting the winding paths and future wildflower areas as well as preserving the natural beauty of the existing environment.

Regional District of Central Okanagan

Agri-Tourism Feasability Study Partnership

In 2016 we conducted an Agri-tourism feasibility study in partnership with the Regional District of Central Okanagan, and lots of input from photographers wedding planners, and brides/couples.

This input allowed us to develop our plan to incorporate our passion for growing fresh cut flowers with a growing movement among couples to have local flowers incorporated into their special day.

Not only does this support local farmers but there is more control on the quality of the products offered. The flowers which grew in the garden yesterday become the flowers in your bouquet today, or the petals used for confetti being sprinkled on the walkway by the 3 year old bridesmaid.

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