Is smoking allowed at the My Garden Wedding Venue?

We have designated an outdoor smoking area with an ashtray at the South end of the car park. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in appropriate ashtrays.

Are pets allowed at the venue?

We are sorry but due to the nature of the site dogs are not allowed, except by special request.

Can we serve food or beverages at the venue?

While non-alcoholic beverages may be served, alcohol may only be served i.e. champagne toast, with the appropriate permits. A copy of the required permit is required two weeks before the event.

You can bring your own food, or better still bring in a catering company or food truck. Our Micro or Pop Up weddings give you enough time to do it all, appys, first dance, cake cutting, play lawn games etc. We are now offering an additional hour on site as an added option.

Do you offer Refunds?

We are sorry but we do not offer refunds. For more information please visit our Refunds & Cancellations Policy.

Can we have confetti, or rice?

As we are in an outdoor environment, we cannot permit confetti, rice, or seeds.

Can I have the reception at My Garden Wedding?

We now are offering Micro or Pop Up weddings.  So mini wedding with stand up reception only. Additional time may be added to every package where applicable.

You can bring in your own caterer, food truck etc. You could even do your own bbq. Everything except the big party later.